Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)

Also known as Vaseline with a visual creamy aspect very soft and delicate consistency and off-white colored. It is obtained from petroleum derived substances and thru refined processes obtaining as result a non-harmful compound suitable for human consumption. Free of poly-nuclear and aromatic compounds meeting all USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements.

Being common and popular for more than a century petroleum jellies are homogenous blends of liquid and solid hydrocarbons. Depending on the degree of refining their color can be snow-white, white. Being odorless and tasteless, moreover due to their hydrophobic ability petroleum jellies are widely used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry as base material in ointments or even itself against desiccation of skin. High quality pharmaceutical petroleum jelly is in yellow color as well.
Petroleum Jelly as formulation base Applying petroleum jelly for your creams and ointments ensures lubricity and gives protective layer to skin against desiccation, even under extreme climate circumstances Petroleum Jelly is odorless and colorless and it has an inherently long shelf life. These qualities make Petroleum Jelly a popular ingredient in skincare products and cosmetics. With highly refined hydrocarbons our petroleum jellies used in Pharmaceutical, Veterinary and Personal Care applications.

Physical and chemical characteristics:
o It easily mixes with liquid and solid ingredients.
o Odorless.
o Colorless.
o Without carbonized substances.
o It can be mixed with other petroleum derived products.
o Neutral vehicle, sterile, stable and safe.
o It can be mixed with other oils. Essential, fats or waxes animal or vegetable derived.
o High lubricant, plasticizing, and penetration properties.
o Excellent for electrical insulation.
o Low tendency to form acids.
o Not corrosive.
o Not stain.


o Raw material for pharmaceutical processes.
o For lotions, ointments, diaper rash, skin redness cream manufacture processes.
o For lipsticks in the cosmetic industry.
o As a lubricant in the metal mechanic industry.
o As anticorrosive in the metal industry.
o For waxes in the leather industry.
o As molding clay in the hand craft processes.
o As plasticizer in the rubber industry.
o In the textile and cotton industry and waterproofing for tarps.
o In industries such as paper, carton ink, crayons, clay and other industrial uses.


New Steel Drum 175 (KGS.)
  • (Cosmetic Grade) Specification
    Snow White Petroleum Jelly (Pharmaceutical Grade) Specification
    Snow White Petroleum Jelly (Cosmetic Grade) Specification
    Industrial White Petroleum Jelly Specification


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